Our Team

Dr. Hansgeorg Balthaus

Dr. Hansgeorg Balthaus, born 1957, studied civil engineering, majoring in geotechnics and soil dynamics at the TU Braunschweig, Imperial College, London and the University of California, Berkeley. He holds a doctorate from the TU Braunschweig since 1986.

Balthaus has been in the construction industry since 1986 and he also has many years of consultancy and project management experience. He joined the HOCHTIEF Group in 2002 where he was the Chairman of the Board of Management of the Infrastructure Europe and Tunneling unit, and Managing Director of HOCHTIEF Global One. At the beginning of 2007 he became the Senior Vice President of HOCHTIEF’s Engineering segment and, since January 2014, he has been the Managing Director of the company created out of this segment, HOCHTIEF Engineering GmbH.

Other functions and offices:

  • Member of the Board of the German Geotechnical Society (DGGT) since 2008
  • Member of the Board of the German Society for Concrete and Construction Technology (DBV) since 2012
  • Honorary Professor for “Tunnel Construction” at the TU Berlin since August 2010
  • Member of the Federal Ministry of Transport’s “Reform Commission for Large-Scale Projects” and chairman of the “Partnership-based Project Implementation” working group since mid-2013

Along with those positions, Dr. Hansgeorg Balthaus has been a Member of the Board of Directors of HOCHTIEF India since July 2019.

Mr. Dirk Wassmann

Mr. Dirk Wassmann, who has joined as one of the Directors of HOCHTIEF (INDIA) in November 2017 is currently Executive Vice President in HOCHTIEF Infrastructure GmbH and is responsible for business in Poland, Czech Republic, Greece, Latin America, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Romania, Baltic States, Serbia, Turkey, and other countries. He has been with HOCHTIEF since 2010 initially as Head of Technical Controlling in HOCHTIEF Solutions, then as Head of Risk management in HOCHTIEF Infrastructure before becoming Executive Vice President in 2015. He has been with M/s Bilfinger Berger AG since 2001 and have extra ordinary exposure to international markets and projects.

Starting his career in 1988 as Design Engineer, he has served as Project Manager, Senior Project Manager, Regional Manager, Branch Manager, Project Director and Technical Director in many important projects, which has helped him in reaching higher levels in his current role. His role as one of the Directors will give HOCHTIEF (INDIA) the right momentum to expand its presence in areas where there is at present no presence and thus boost up the business.

Mr. Gopan Pillai
Managing Director

Mr. Gopan Pillai has been active in the construction market since 1987 and has equal exposure to domestic as well as international markets. Being a Master in Structural engineering and as a management professional, he has been involved in design, project management and operations of various prestigious projects.

After a significant stint in the Middle East market, Mr. Pillai joined Hochtief India as Chief Technical Officer (CTO) in 2010 and was made Chief Operation Officer (COO) in 2012 and has been a Board Member since 2014.

He has been elevated to the position of the Managing Director from 2016 June and heads the Indian office for its global operations.

Kumar Sankaranarayanan
Director - Commercial

Remaining as a true supporter of ongoing business, Mr. Kumar has played a crucial role in the development of the firm since its inception. Being a master in administrative and commercial sector, he has been successfully contributing by advising the management on crucial business and statutory matters. By doing so, he has maintained a reputation of high regard within the clients as well as vendors thus keeping up the value of the firm in the domestic as well as international markets. His matured role has played crucial at times in maintaining a steady cash flow as well as healthy business relations. As a compliance officer, a role he is maintaining in parallel to his normal activities, he has been keeping a strong eye on the business ethics and principles, all of which has earned him the much deserved position of Director – Commercial and a place in the HOCHTIEF INDIA Board from 1st October 2020.

Ravikanth M
Senior Project Manager

Leading Senior Project Manager heading the BIM division and project management services. He has 17 years of experience in the Engineering solution industry with a vast exposure in structural engineering and BIM. Has been part and parcel of almost all major projects handled in BIM, leading the team from the front, liaising with clients, coordinating with respective project teams, populating different solutions as per requirement, and ensuring a delivery and implementation with quality, on time and on the least budget. Being very good in multi-tasking, Mr. Ravikanth is an integral part of the organization since its inception and leads by example on the goals set by the management from time to time. His Masters in Structural & Geo technical engineering helps in many challenging projects to ensure compliance to engineering practice worldwide.

Karuna G
Senior Project Manager

Being one of the Senior Project Managers with HOCHTIEF India, Ms. Karuna with her vast experience in structural engineering field has been devoted all throughout these years in developing the team for detailed engineering service. With more than 30 years of experience in design and detailing, she has been successful in building up the team for different markets. Her capabilities in developing young engineers and getting delivered quality services to various international markets has earned her repeated appreciation from various clients. Her qualities in respecting clientele requirements has earned consistent business and repeated clients for HOCHTIEF India. A strong desire to provide value engineering results in her valuable contribution on project controlling.

Prakash Babu G
Project Manager

As one of the senior most members in HOCHTIEF India, having more than 19 years of experience in reinforcement detailing and quantity surveying, Mr. Prakash Babu is an integral part of the Detailed engineering Division contributing in developing and nurturing a dynamic young team and deliver consistently quality solutions. Heading the Quality management division in parallel to his activities in detailed engineering sector, Mr. Prakash is busy in Training the young engineers coming into the firm in addition to his role in selection. Being a Management Representative, he has been solely responsible to get the company certified in ISO 90001-2008 and takes care of all the related procedures.

Manish S
Project Manager

Being a new member into the management team and as an integral part of the MEP division, Mr. Manish has proved in a short span of time his capabilities and is a master in his trade. With more than 18 years of experience and exposure to international market, he is instrumental in building up a multi-tasking team under him. As a true team player he earns recognition among other divisions and has been a valuable contributor in the growth of his division within a short time. His capability of addressing issues and solving them results in dedicated 24 hours involvement.

Jayakumar R
Project Manager

Mr. Jayakumar in his capacity as a senior member in the organization has been contributing effectively in whichever sector he has been involved in. The capability lying within him to explore and analyze various factors has given him an edge over others in contributing to various divisions while in charge. Being another multi-tasking personnel, he has involved in various challenging projects during his involvement with HOCHTIEF India and has earned a rare place within the management. His exposure and adapting capabilities has benefitted in handling site matters and providing right solutions at appropriate times.

Devaraj Sadhanandam
Project Manager

Being an active member in the HOCHTIEF India family since 2003, Mr. Devaraj is one of Managers who is the backbone in having a successful business in Structural engineering services with over 15 years of experience in detailing industry, project management and technical coordination, he has been contributing not only in the engineering sector, but also in building up relation among the resources irrespective of their division and contributing in the day to day administrative matters thus being a helping hand to the commercial department as well. His capability and willingness to take challenges has earned him a deserving place within the management.

Singaravelan T
Deputy Project Manager

Mr. Singaravelan is one of the senior most members with HOCHTIEF India having more than 25 years of service in civil engineering market. Since 2008, he has been contributing significantly in the Structural engineering field and is considered to be one of the best available in the market for solutions related to pre cast construction related solutions. Leading the largest of the teams, his contribution to the overall business is commendable. Having international exposure, he is quite successful in clientele relationship and for sustaining with the same for longer period. His contribution in training the young engineers and making them part of the project team within a short span of time is very valuable in the competing market.

Srikanth M
Deputy Project Manager

For the past 15 years, Srikanth has been contributing immensely in the BIM division actively parti cipating in team buildup, quality management and technological updates. His capability to research in new technology, apply necessary tools and fulfill the client requirements is commendable. Being qualified in Architecture and with vast exposure in BIM sector, he is pivotal in leading HOCHTIEF India's efforts towards engineering solutions getting integrated in a BIM Platform.

Prasanth P
Deputy Project Manager

Mr Prasanth joined HOCHTIEF India as Chief Consultant. Being an Electrical & Electronics Engineer, he has immense experience of nearly 23 years in the Indian as well as in the global market. He is also a registered engineer and an associate member of many technical associations. After his graduation, he obtained his training in US and thereafter established himself in the construction market as Consultant. His proven multitasking and service marketing skills have always gained his goodwill and reputation. His major projects include Healthcare, Industrial, Commercial, Residential, Infrastructure, Institutional & Hospitality segments. At HOCHTIEF India, Mr Prasanth heads the Project Management Service & Consultancy division.